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Trailer Suites

Old Mac Daddy consists of ten trailer suites, two lake-side units and a designer family house - Daddy’s Villa. Each of our trailer suites is a world of its own. The Airstreams themselves have been transformed into bespoke bedrooms; each with its own theme, style and feeling - from the magical to the quirky and a whole range of delicate and wonderful things in between.
All but the lakeside suites and honeymoon trailer, have additional living areas and decks with low-fi furnishings by Cape Town-based furni-stars Lennard + Pedersen, which allow for light-filled lounging, resting your eyes on the fabulous views and taking some well-deserved time out. An en-suite bathroom with shower adds luxury to the experience, making it a camping holiday like no other.

Heated in winter, cooled in summer and cleverly insulated throughout, you will be sleeping way past the first cock-a-doodle-doo! … then details of the trailers below ...

millsMILLS & BOON by Jeannie Sherwood & Kirsten Townsend
Cocooned in the iconic imagery that made pulp fiction romance novels a household name, the caravan explores the idea of forbidden pleasures with a tongue-in-cheek twist.
boereworsFOR BETTER OR FOR BOEREWORS by Julie Kenney
Kuier (visit) with Sannie & Piet in this nostalgic monument to slower, quieter times where the tick-tock of history was measured out in cups of rooibos tea and Ouma rusks.
lifeLIFE BEFORE COLOUR by Leasa Mensing
Life Before Colour is a place where the smoky mirrors and fringed curtains simultaneously conceal and reveal, creating the dreamlike illusion of transporting you to a bygone era.
digitDIG'IT by Nicole Logan
Fresh and contemporary; Dig’it’s interior palette is grounded in neutrality and revved up with tones of chocolate, black, magenta and powder blue. This trailer’s got your number.
dreamTHE DREAM by Sarah Pratt
It’s a living canvas in which you too can dream – both awake and asleep – wondering what does lie between those fern fronds and interwoven thickets of protective green leaves.
beesGIVE BEES A CHANCE by Tamara Joubert
The symmetry of honeycomb, the soft yellow of bee dust and the boldness of black are beautifully composed in this testament to the plight of the honey bee.
plantsTHE PRIVATE LIFE OF PLANTS by Bielle Ross & Tara Carmichael
Look at life under the microscope in this whimsical trailer with a gentle pleasing aesthetic – and listen carefully…you may hear the whisperings of the secret lives of plants.
dirkieTHE DIRKIE SANCHEZ SUITE by Mark & Joe Stead
This trailer is all about the bed – a fantasy set where frilly skirts and slick latex wrestling sweats tumble in a tussle of elbows and knees as you grunt and groan till you score.
MetalmorphosisMETALMORPHOSIS by Coley Porter Bell & Rotem Sachar
Grolsch, the premium Dutch beer, commissioned design agency Coley Porter Bell to create an environment that reflects Grolsch’s creative and independent spirit.
submarineYELLOW SUBMARINE by Greg Scott and Nick Wright from Site Interior Design
Picture this: a sexy gloss-yellow vinyl interior shot through with flashes of silver and black in contrasting rough and smooth textures – hmmmm nice!
OMD thumbLOVE CAKE...I DO...ME TOO by Charly's Bakery and Friends
It’s fun when two irreverent brands find a connection and make some magic and this is precisely what happened when Charly’s Bakery’s met Old Mac Daddy.
birdyBIRDY by Tracy Lynch

Inspired by a bird-whistle and a sunny Spring day, Birdy is a gentle rest capsule beside the lake where you can feel snug and happy forever.