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Love Cake... I Do... Me Too

by Charly's Bakery and Friends
It’s fun when two irreverent brands find a connection and make some magic –and this is precisely what happened when Charly’s Bakery’s, Jacqui Biess, and her daughters met Old Mac Daddy owner, Jody Aufrichtig.
“We pounced on the opportunity,” enthuses Jacqui, “after all, what is cake decorating but design-by-sugar. From the start, we knew we weren’t going to be doing it alone. My daughter Alexandra & I  enlisted the talents of an incredible team and placed our trusted friend, Carin Cronje of Vanilla Concrete, at the helm as production manager  . She also created the brilliant Captain Cupcake sculptures, rabbit wall feature and up-cycled vintage cake tins and whisks which are now lights and adornments  in the trailer. From there the team - and the love just kept on growing.”
The resulting pair of shiny Airstreams is a sweet little set-up of Mama-trailer and baby trailer; side by side they tell a story about the inner world of cake. Named Love Cake?…I Do and Love Cake?...Me too!, the lakeside trailers now make up the only double unit in the Old Mac rooming options. Perfect for couples who are travelling in tandem and ideal for parents with children old enough to sleep in a separate space, the pair share a lawn and deck for added privacy away from the action of the pool and restaurant areas.
Love Cake..? I Do… is a fusion of steampunk and sugar. The liquorice black trimmings of recycled rubber curtains by Roche van den Berg and the pressed ceiling wallpaper by Robin Sprong form the backdrop for this peek inside the bakery . Recreates Katie Thompson, turned her magpie eye on the project, resulting in a printers tray table housing vintage cake collectables and piping nozzles as well as the barometer wall clocks. Weddings – a big part of Old Mac Daddy’s business – are honoured in both the name and a chandelier of trinkets and bridal cake toppers by the Charly’s team and Carin Cronje. The work of artist and innovator, Lauren Fowler, can be found in the cross-stitch detail on blankets and cushions, whilst the Kraal Gallery lovingly wove the big cushions on the seats with the words Love & Cake. Fab Fabrics then upholstered the cushions and custom made the oversize beds.
In Love Cake..? Me too! the adventure continues into the cake box. Presided over by a signature Charly’s rainbow (courtesy of Mak1one) flowing from a birthday candle pulpit, the bright pink and white signature stripes of Charly’s celebratory boxes fly across the ceiling - arching over a bed made for gingerbread men and allsorts characters – a  nest of decorations in brights and darks. The small space is cosy and made more so by snug upholstery from Fab Fabrics . As in the larger trailer, Landsdowne Boards has homemakers taking notes with their creative kitchen cupboards and fine details, the custom made gingerbread theme in Love Cake? …I Do is a treat!