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Mills & Boon

by Jeannie Sherwood & Kirsten Townsend

It was Oscar Wilde who said; “Nothing spoils a romance so much as a sense of humour in the woman - or the want of it in the man.” Mills & Boon is a place to put your cynicism on the shelf, loosen your corset and melt into a swoon of pink, a marshmallow of kitsch and a sugary sweet sleep of reason that will dust all the cobwebs out of your romantic self. Cocooned in the iconic imagery that made pulp fiction romance novels a household name, the caravan explores the idea of forbidden pleasures with a tongue-in-cheek twist. In Mills and Boon, more is more and no holds are barred in honouring the humorously ridiculous side of love.

Kirsten Townsend & Jeannie Sherwood have had a real giggle creating the best powder-puff of a pulp fiction trailer you will ever stay in. Surrender your passion, whisper silly somethings and wake up looking dewy and ready for morning kisses.

Hillside Trailer Suite with queen-sized bed and built-on living unit.

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