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Old Mac Daddy welcomes small people but asks you to remember that natural lakes, swimming pools, a road and farmlands are all a part of this landscape and children should be watched at all times.

Child Policy

Whilst Old Mac Daddy is a happy place for kids, we also want to ensure that our other guests are also enjoying their stay. It is for this reason that we have initiated a few rules:

  • children under 8 can order their dinner off the kiddies menu from 6-7:30pm daily, these meals are served in the playroom or the boardroom depending on availability or in the restaurant should the family prefer
  • parents must please stay with children under 8 years of age during meal times, unless they have arranged a child minder
  • young families wanting to eat together later than 7:30pm are welcome to do so in the pizza oven area of the restaurant
  • please supervise your children both for their own safety and the comfort of other guests
  • please ask your children not to remove props and items from the trailers to use as outdoor playthings


The big Apple Playroom

One of the best places to watch your kids explore is the Big Apple. You won’t find skyscrapers and cabaret here, this Big Apple is set in a black & white apple orchard with plenty of kiddie props for hours of free play.

During the school holidays, we offer a children’s programme whereby kids can participate in crafts and games in the Big Apple. Most weekends we also have a childminder in the room so you can take a few minutes to relax and enjoy the scenery (this is a sign in, sign out system and is strictly relegated to the playroom area). By night, the Big Apple is a movie house for kids – complete with fresh popcorn.

Just outside the doors of the playroom is a fabulous non-toxic, wooden tractor-gym complete with tunnels and walkways, nooks and crannies for little explorers to while away the hours.

The outdoor surrounds offer endless hours of activity for older kids too – from walks and mountain-biking to swimming and fishing in the dam, it’s a proper holiday spot that banishes Disney to a digital dungeon. Get your kids into the fresh air and let them run until they are dizzy!

Baby Sitters

By day or night, Old Mac Daddy can assist you in booking baby sitters so that you can relax at the pool or enjoy your evening in our restaurant or strolling in the moonlight.

The Big Apple