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Eco Concious


We are the first to admit that shiny old aluminium is not the most biodegrable of all materials but, when it comes to vintage Airstreams, we think this is a pretty good thing; we love them and want to keep them around! There is no way our Airstreams are ever heading for the landfill so rest assured – just think of them as holiday memories recycled.

But seriously, Old Mac Daddy has been built responsibly. We have used eco-friendly materials wherever possible and have installed some funky shower geysers that work with pressure more than with electricity (less burn up, more heat). The landscape has gone from eroding pine slopes to a local floral triumph through the planting of 3,500 indigenous plants - bringing in the honey bees and the birds.

We have maximised natural light and ventilation wherever we can and yes, we are going to have to rely on a little air con here and there, but we hope that you, like us, will conserve water and energy wherever you can during your stay with us.

We recycle as far as possible (the area has limited capacity), our hotel cleaning products are earth friendly and our toiletry amenities from African Organics are fully biodegradable, organic and natural.