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Our Team


Old Mac Daddy was built the old-fashioned way; with vision, determination and a whole lot of sweat. Now that we are open and ready for business, we have taken a long hot shower and are ready to meet you:

Jody Aufrichtig Owner

JodyMaverick hotelier extraordinaire, Jody always wanted to extend his childhood camping holidays and has finally got his way. Jody is the guy who came up with the whole thing in the first place and he’s the one who made sure it happened no matter what.

Jay Haupt – Old Mac Management

Jay Jay, together with Bianca our GM, makes sure the lodge runs smoothly. He also owns and runs Old Mac’s restaurant, Brinny Breezes. He’ll gladly go fishing....

Bianca Clarke - General Manager

TracyBianca is that rare combination of a nature-lover and a people-lover. She combines both in her loving approach to making sure that a stay at Old Mac is clean, comfortable and as ecologically responsible as it possibly can be! She is also the tallest person here.

Megan Basson – Assistant General Manager

TracyMegan’s infectious smile keeps our reception warm and adds some excellent Elgin hospitality to your welcome…must be the dimples! Megan has been with Old Mac since day one, so she could tell you a story or two – but she won’t – what happens at Old Mac stays at Old Mac.

Rowina Daniels - Reservations Manager

TracyIf this were New York, Rowina would have nice tickets to all the shows – but being Elgin she mostly gets apples. This is clearly keeping her mind sharp because its quite a task managing all of Old Mac’s enquries! If you are thinking of coming to stay, Rowina is your girl.

Kenny Phulusa – Front Desk and Guest Relations

TracyWith a mega-watt smile and a will-do attitude, Kenny is the guy who can! He joined us back in the early days when we were still sending messenger pigeons to Cape Town and is now an indispensable part of the sunshine at Old Mac.


TracyThese are the people who really make it possible for you to have a great, relaxing stay at Old Mac Daddy. They are a committed, passionate team who are detail driven and a real part of the family. Their smiles might be shy but their hearts are in it!

Tracy Lynch – Co-curator and Design Consultant

TracyNo stranger to Daddy’s world, Tracy was originally a room artist (The Protea Room) in the Daddy Long Leg’s Hotel, then in the Airstream Penthouse Trailer Park (Love of Lace) – where she became more involved in the hotel’s transformation; conceptualising and producing interiors and design finishes. Now, with Old Mac Daddy, Tracy has worked with the team to envision and produce an exceptional place of design, imagination, exploration and yet – somehow – stillness and rest. Her trademark very-good-and-very-interesting shoes are a little muddier these days but her love for Peregrine’s cloudy apple juice is now undying.